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Welcome to the world of KAERNEST!

This is a collaborative community website where the players and GM of several tabletop RPG campaigns can build and expand. Players are encouraged to add journals to their user page or to the main wiki for session journals, comment on current pages, and add details they've learned to the various pages within the wiki.

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TTRPG Campaigns[]

I'm not ready just yet to run Kaernest. Having lost my NAS (network attached storage) recently, I lost pretty much everything I'd written for the setting and system that's not on this website or http://kaernest.com. In the meantime I'm running other stuff and this is a handy spot to track some of that.

Character vs Player Knowledge[]

Anything marked with Nck is not character knowledge and is included on the wiki either as a fun fact, for GM clarification, or because the players might know about it more than a small amount, but not as characters.
All PC pages are considered not character knowledge; they're primarily for GM information and to help other players have a bit of insight into the other player characters. Information on those pages should be considered player knowledge only until the character in question brings it up in-game in conversation, or the player mentions that its common knowledge.
All other information posted on the wiki is considered common character knowledge, so if I post something it should be considered something that player characters could know automatically, have overheard recently in gossip, or with a very low DC for a knowledge check (DC5).